I’ve noticed that many people aren’t familiar with the navigation in my Piwigo photo gallery. I’m using a theme that keeps things clean, so much of the functionality is hidden.
One of my favorite features is the tag cloud. When you are on the front page for my photo gallery, the tag cloud is hidden. If you click on the ‘menu’ icon in the upper left hand corner, a menu will drop down and you will see ‘tags’ as an option. Selecting this will take you to a page with all my image tags. The larger the tag, the more images there are. I’m not as good at tagging as I should be, so if you are really looking for something, I’d do a site search or look in the specific category. Also note, that my main website, not my photo gallery, also has a tag cloud on the right side of the page. That tag cloud is only for posts in my blog.

This is a direct link to the photo gallery tag cloud.