We own two properties that were very different when we acquired them, and that have been managed very differently. Our home property is 2 acres, young second-growth that has been planted extensively for wildlife, and also treated more like an arboretum in terms of our plantings. Our second property is 21 acres in Owen County, mostly older growth trees of oaks, hickories, maples, etc., managed mostly just to keep up on invasives, but otherwise not disturbed. There are albums for each property in the photo gallery.

Our home property is most intensively managed and we’ve planted trees, shrubs, and wildflowers every year, for more than 10 years now. Some of our planted trees are already becoming the dominant trees in our landscape. Some of the highlights include 15 oak species, and an incredible diversity of fruit trees and shrubs for wildlife.

Plants inventoried at our home.

Trees & Shrubs

Allegheny Serviceberry
American Beech (2)
American Elm
American Hazelnut (3)
American Plum (4)
American Sycamore
Apple sp. (2)
Arrowwood (3)
Bald Cypress (2)
Basswood (2)
Black Cherry
Black Gum (2)
Blackhaw Viburnum (4)
Blackjack Oak (1)
Black Locust
Black Oak (seedlings)
Black Walnut
Blue Ash (1)
Box Elder
Bur Oak (2)
Buttonbush (2)
Carolina Buckthorn (2)
Cherrybark Oak (1)
Chinkapin Oak
Common Hackberry (4)
Common Persimmon
Downy Serviceberry
Eastern Hemlock (5)
Eastern Redbud
Eastern Red Cedar
Eastern Wahoo (2)
Flowering Dogwood
Gray Dogwood (5)
Holly (asian sp.) (6)
Magnolia (1)
Nannyberry (3)
Ninebark (4)
Norway Spruce (1)
Overcup Oak (1)
Pagoda Dogwood (1)
Pecan (1)
Pin Oak
Post Oak (1)
Prairie Crabapple (2)
Pussy Willow (1)
Red Chokeberry (2)
Red Maple
Red Mulberry (1)
Red Oak
Red-twig Dogwood
Rough-leaf Dogwood
Running Serviceberry (2)
Rusty Blackhaw (1)
Shingle Oak (1)
Shagbark Hickory (2)
Shingle Oak (1)
Shumard Oak (1)
Silky Dogwood
Silver Maple (seedlings)
Slippery Elm
Snowberry (4)
Sugarberry (occasionally collect fruit from southern counties and distribute in yard, no sprouts yet)
Sugar Maple
Swamp Chestnut Oak (2)
Swamp White Oak (2)
Sweet Gum (1)
Tulip Tree
Virginia Pine
White Ash
White Cedar (4)
White Oak
White Pine
White Spruce (1)
Witch Hazel (3)
Yellowwood (2)

Wildflowers (incomplete list)

Bee Balm
Black-eyed Susan
Butterfly Milkweed
Cardinal Flower
Common Milkweed
Compass Plant
False Blue Indigo
Hoary Vervain
Joe-pye Weed (purple and spotted)
Live Forever
Mountain Mint
Prairie Blazing Star
Prairie Coneflower
Prairie Dock
Prickly Pear
Purple Coneflower
Purple Milkweed
Rough Blazing Star
Swamp Aster
Virginia Bluebells
White Baneberry
Wild Bergamot
Wild Columbine
Yellow Coneflower

Plants inventoried at our property in Owen County.

Allegeheny Serviceberry
American Beech
American Hornbeam
American Sycamore
Bigtooth Aspen
Bitternut Hickory
Black Cherry
Black Gum
Box Elder
Chinkapin Oak
Eastern Hemlock
Pignut Hickory
Red Maple
Red Oak
Shagbark Hickory
Sugar Maple
White Oak
White Pine